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Monday, April 10, 2006

How To Prospect Successfully

How To Prospect Successfully (Spanish audio: Naturaleza del Negocio)
Author: Randy Gage
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they join the business is they start to think, who can I sell this stuff to? This is completely off base-the opposite of what a successful distributor should be thinking.
Heres the reality.
Every Monday morning at 6:00, 6:30 and 7:00 a.m., alarm clocks all around the world are going off. People are groggily hitting the snooze button, desperate for another five minutes of sleep. They get up at the last possible second, rush through their shower, and then either microwave breakfast, skip it or buy it in a drive-through window on the way to work.
We know that 80 percent of people are going to a job they dont like, or actually hate, and 99.9 percent of them think they should be making more money. Most of them will slog through the day in a comatose state, and grab dinner at another drive-thru window on the way home. Then, they will plop onto a sofa or recliner, and spend the night rubbing the hair off the back of their heads, drinking cans of rancid, fermented hops, watching mindless sitcoms until theyre ready for bed.
Until Tuesday morning, when the process starts all over ...
Til Wednesday morning ...
Til Thursday morning ...
Til Friday morning ... thank God its Friday!
And you know what that means its payday. So, at five oclock, when their boss whistles them over to fetch their meager pittance, they can feel if for only a few brief moments like the check is theirs.
Now, of course, that check is already spent, because they have a stack of credit card bills waiting for it. But, for those few glorious moments it feels like its theirs. This calls for a celebration. This means tonight they can eat out! So, at least here in America, that means off to Pizza Hut for a stuffed crust, meat-lovers, double-cheese, double-meat pan pizza, which of course theyll wash down with a Diet Pepsi, because they need to watch their weight.
From dinner, its off to the neighborhood video store, where theyll stack up 6 to 8 videos which is just enough to keep them from thinking about their life of quiet desperation all weekend. Until Monday morning, when the alarm clock goes off, and they start the process all over again ...
Do you understand something? You dont need these people. They desperately need and want what you have to offer. So, stop thinking, who can I get to do this? Start thinking, who would I like to offer this opportunity to?
You may think your product is vitamins, or skin care, or discount long distance service, but it is none of those things. What you have to sell is freedom. Never lose sight of that.
Youre offering people the opportunity to become their own boss and control their own destiny. For most of them, it will be the first opportunity theyve ever had with unlimited income potential. Its also the first time theyve had a chance to become successful by empowering others. Obviously, everyone would be interested in this, right?
No. Actually, many are not.
Because it means getting out of their comfort zone. Because it takes a belief in ones self that they dont possess. Some of them want success, but not if they have to do any work to get it. Theyre playing the odds, figuring a rich relative is going to die, or that the next time the phone rings, it will be the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol calling for their cross street. And, many more think they want success but are actually taking actions to prevent it, because they suffer from lack consciousness, and dont even know it. So, while the universe of people who need what you have is vast the group who will seize the opportunity youre offering them is much smaller. You have to screen out the people who have a dream and are willing to do something about it (the prospects) from those who are waiting to hit the lottery (the suspects).
Of course, the first question to arise is, where do you find these people?
The place to begin is with friends, neighbors and relatives. This is the natural place to start, and it makes the most sense. You wont have to make cold calls or talk to strangers. People who know you will give you the benefit of the doubt and usually at least look at your Pre-Approach Packet, or meet you for a one-on-one over coffee.
A lot of people are reluctant to talk to the people they know, fearing that theyll become the victim of the cant-be-a-prophet-in-your-own-hometown syndrome. There is some truth to this. If youve been working alongside Joe for the past ten years, and now come along with this opportunity to get wealthy Joe is probably going to be a little skeptical. Thats okay. This is where edification comes in. Let me explain.
Edification works on the principle that for most people, the expert is the guy from out of town with a briefcase. Also known as the fact that many people place much more credibility in strangers than they do in their own daughters, husbands, fathers, etc. After all, they know all their baggage.
Your family and close friends know every mistake youve ever made, from the lemonade stand you had when you were six that lost money, to the time you tried to make money franchising ant farms. They havent been able to achieve a happy, fulfilling life (and they figure theyre a whole lot smarter than you), so they cant understand how you would know.
So, heres how it happens a lot of times. You join a network marketing company, and youre excited about the possibilities. You start to think about whom you would like to help, and naturally your thoughts turn to your parents. You call them up, go over to the house and make your presentation. Its a beauty. You sit back and relax waiting for the grateful appreciation your parents are about to express thankful that youve found a way to repay them for all theyve done for you over the years.
Mother leans forward, about to speak, So, Mister Big Shot, youre going to make all this money. Dont you remember when you had the paper route and you couldnt wake up in time? Your father had to deliver all the newspapers ...
Youre devastated. Here youre trying to do some good, trying to help them, and theyre reacting like you were offering them a gift certificate for a complimentary office visit with Dr. Jack Kervorkian.
Youve just experienced the prophet-in-your-own-hometown syndrome. No one is immune from this. To this day, I still maintain the hardest presentation Ive ever given was to my sister Leise. This is the reason most people are afraid to talk to their friends, neighbors, and relatives (their warm market).
There is a solution ...
Edify your sponsorship, line and bring your first people to them. Your warm market is your best market. But, when you first begin the business, you shouldnt be making your own presentations. Your sponsor (or, in cases of fast growth, someone further up your sponsorship line) should be making your initial presentations, while youre taking notes and learning the presentation. This is the time to get to all of your cant-be-a-prophet people. Get them to a one-on-one, or give them the Pre-Approach materials. Make sure you let them know that this is a brand new opportunity for you, youve just discovered it and were introduced to the business by someone with a savvy business mind whos really good at helping people reach financial freedom. By edifying your sponsor in advance like this, youre already building up their credibility in the mind of your prospect.
Your friends and family will hear things from strangers that they cannot hear from you. If you want to start fast and get the best results, get these people in front of your sponsorship line and let them do the presenting. To break through with your warm market, you must take your ego out of the equation and edify your sponsor. This allows your sponsor to give you the most support. If your sponsor is already successful, bill them as an expert in the business. If theyre relatively new, moving up, but not mega-successful yet, refer to them as a rising star. What youre doing in this scenario is leveraging the credibility you have with your warm market for maximum effect.
Heres why.
If your sponsor were to cold call one of your friends, neighbors or relatives, and try to tell them about an opportunity theyd probably hang up. If you try to tell your friends about the opportunity, you get the hometown prophet treatment. But, heres the secret ...
Your warm market trusts you enough to review some initial materials, like a Pre-Approach Packet, or meet for coffee. If it looks interesting, theyll be intrigued enough to meet someone with you (or come to your home for a meeting). And, because you said youre new to the business, dont understand it all yet, and youve edified this person as an expert they will hear things from them that they couldnt hear from you. This is the secret to getting started fast, and it really works!
Over the course of time, while you are learning the presentation from your sponsor (usually a five- to eight-week process), youll be bringing in all your chicken list people. (Your chicken list consists of the people who are the most busy, successful and ambitious people you know the ones youre chicken to make a presentation to.) Just get them in front of your sponsor. And during this time, your own presentation skills will be getting better; and youll be gaining confidence and getting new distributors into your group. By the end of your first week, youll be able to do a one-on-one presentation by yourself. By the time your five to eight weeks are up, youll be quite capable of holding home meetings yourself. Heres the best part:
When you have people that youre still nervous with, or who still give you the hometown prophet treatment, just edify your sponsorship line and bring those people to a second-look meeting, where your sponsorship line is presenting! This is the way huge organizations are built! Its completely warm market, non-threatening, and very easily duplicated. Anyone can build a group this way.
*Excerpted from How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine by Randy Gage Get the first book ever published on the science of how to become wealthy in Network Marketing today!
For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy's How to Earn at Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing series is the #1 selling album in direct selling history. And his "Escape the Rat Race" audiotape has introduced the industry to millions of prospects all over the world. For more resources and to subscribe to Randys free ezine newsletter, MLM Leadership Report visit www. randygage.com/cgi-bin/assoctrac/at.cgi?a=167299
CONTACT INFO: Randy is available for background information, interviews and profiles on the Network Marketing industry. He can be reached through Prime Concepts Group, Inc. at 1-800-946-7804 or (316) 942-1111. Rights to reprint and reproduce this article are granted as long as it includes the full last paragraph tag line complete with web links. For questions about this article contact Alicia Gregg at email agregg@primeconcepts.com or Prime Concepts Group at 316-942-1111.
Copyright MMIV by Prime Concepts Group, Inc.

cold contacts
"(the) curiosity approach
": (action) An on-going approach used by distributors to contact prospects. Rather than tell the prospect everything at once, this approach creates curiosity so the prospect will want to continue to learn more. Part of this approach is to "answer a question with a question" or even "dance around the subject" of what "the business" really is. Obviously, the word "XYZ-Company" will not be told to the prospect for a long while still. Some approaches are:
1) "Maybe you can help me out. Are you from around here? No? Where ya from? Get outta here! This is a fluke! Forget what I was gonna ask you! I'm in the process of expanding a business in that area and I'm looking for a 'go-getter' type. Jot your name down on the back of my card and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Do you know anybody like that?"
Or the shortened version: "'Scuse me, can you help me? Do you live around here? Good, I'm in the process of expanding a business in this area and I'm looking for a... um... a 'go-getter' type. Do you know anybody like that?"
2) "I'm working on a business with some associates and you may qualify. Let me get your number and get back to you later."
3) "I'm working with some business associates and we're looking for some 'key people' to help us."
4) "Have you ever thought about making some extra income? Let me give you a call later in the week an I'll tell you what it is we're doing."
5) "I'm working with some doctors in the area who are looking for some sharp people. Let's sit down later in the week and discuss it."
6) "Have you ever looked at other ways of making money? Let's get together later and talk about it."


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